Tika Kuchukhidze - TIKA

Finalist of the The MARY KAY® Most Irresistible Makeup Bag


2015 Finalist Tika Kuchukhidze TIKA


What is your inspiration for this bag?
I have visited a number of cosmetics stores to get an idea of what's out there in terms of makeup bags and most them looked the same: semi-oval shape with zipper. Then I had a long look at my own makeup bag and it is rather small yet long shape, like pensil box, which makes it easier to see what's inside and more convenient to carry in almost any bag size. Finally, I've dreamed of a sleek box shape with flap opening which can be wide opened and also with a mirror, yet cute enough to carry on it's own as a clutch. The idea to put a message "You'R Lovely\"" seemed logical. I have also kept in mind Mary Kay's corporate colors: grey

What is your design background?
support@handbagdesigner101.com xxx Comments Share FileEditViewInsertFormatDataToolsAdd-onsHelpAll changes saved in Drive $% 123 Arial 3 of 3 Context: AN7 Mandy Chang Design Studio, 'Pushing the envelope', Tote, white cowhide leather, $480. | I sketch a lot of bag styles whenever I get inspired and often make my own designs. To enable screen reader support, press shortcut ?+Option+Z. To learn about keyboard shortcuts, press shortcut ?slash. Sheet1 I sketch a lot of bag styles whenever I get inspired and often make my own designs.

Why did you select the particular materials to work with?
The materials I've selected, PVC, nylon and polyester are very practical for a style meant to be used daily. They are hard to spoil and are easy to clean. When I saw PVC with peachy finish I was excited to include it on the inner side of the handles because, it is soft and velvety and has a nice feel on the skin.

Tell us why you think every woman will love your makeup bag design?
Well, I do hope every woman would love it, although there are as many tastes as there are women. But, the colors I've chosen like, Marsala and pink, are feminine, trendy and attractive to women in general. Also, the mirror and message "You'R Lovely" will put a smile on many faces looking into it. Finally, the shape of this makeup bag is unique and practical, which should also favour this bag design.

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