Jen Hamley - Jennifer Hamley, England

Winner of the The Stand Out & Look Great Work Bag by MOO

Great Britain

2015 Finalist Jen Hamley Jennifer Hamley, England


How do you believe this bag will help professionals stand out and look great?
This bag proves that business doesn't have to be boring, it is full of little surprises like a multi-tool, reusable shopping bag and a USB power pack. Bright lining means that nothing gets lost in the darkness and has all the pockets for all you need to strike badass business deals It's made from chocolate brown leather - Sexy on the outside, all business on the inside.

What is the inspiration behind the bag?
My inspiration comes from years of snowboarding and running a business - Snowboard jackets have a pocket for everything, and in business you need everything with you - it's a blend of my passions.

How did you blend playfulness and functionality in the design?
I kept the design sleek and sexy to appeal to both men and women. Simple lines hiding the playfulness within - many pockets filled with lots of little life hacks. Oh, and a multi-tool to celebrate your successes of the day when 'Beer O'clock' comes around.

Is this bag different from what you usually create? How, or how not?
I normally design bags for business women - it was a fun challenge finding out what men want in their ideal work bag.

What is your design background?
I studied 3D Design at university, I've since taken courses in millinery and handbag design at London College of Fashion.

Did the fact that this category is powered by MOO impact your choices in design or execution
I was so excited that this category is powered by Moo - I love their playfulness and brand personality. I added business card pockets to the design because during my research most business owners said that they wanted somewhere to keep business cards to share during networking, and somewhere easy to store the ones they collected. So it all came together nicely.

Do you have any words of advice to on-the-go professionals?
Always carry beautiful business cards and keep your 'office on your shoulder' organised so that you are ready to make deals or collaborate with anyone you meet.

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