Gina DeWolfe - deWolfe

Finalist of the The BERNINA Best Handmade Handbag

United States

2015 Finalist Gina DeWolfe deWolfe


How are your bags made?
Each leather hide is selected, cut and hand sewn by me. I use leather tools and techniques passed down from my grandfather, and keeping that family tradition is very important to me and my brand. I create my own patterns, cut the leather manually, and stitch them all by hand. I set in all hardware and rivets the good old fashioned way, with a hammer and an anvil. This assures quality and durability. My products are made with my own two hands, and they're made to last!

What is the primary material used?

Do you make all of your own bags? If not, please explain who helps you make your bags.
I make them all myself in my small Boston studio.

What is your design inspiration?
I'm inspired by clean lines, minimalism, and function blended with beauty. Powerful yet stylish women inspire me, so I keep that image in mind as I design.

What sewing machine to you use to make your bags?
My hands!

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