Erica Harel - Erica Harel

Finalist of the The Stand Out & Look Great Work Bag by MOO


2015 Finalist Erica Harel Erica Harel


How do you believe this bag will help professionals stand out and look great?
The playfulness of the design, along with non-standard color-blocking, and the embossed WORK / PLAY front elements will make professionals look like they didn't come out of a mold.

What is the inspiration behind the bag?
I wanted to design a unisex work bag that is actually fun to carry. And since all my bags are multi-functional, this bag had to have that element as well, so I turned it around to provide the backpack option.

How did you blend playfulness and functionality in the design?
The unique work/play design turns a briefcase/shoulder bag into a backpack ... and says so right on the front. The bag is a totally functional laptop briefcase, with lots of utility pockets, and a great backpack for bike-riding to work ... or for weekend fun. Because we all know that all WORK and no PLAY makes Jack a dull man. The fabrics are chosen for their practicality - lightweight and fun color blocking schemes.

Is this bag different from what you usually create? How, or how not?
Not really. The common denominator for all my bags is their combination of fashion and function. However, this is my first bag that totally transforms from one silhouette to another.

What is your design background?
None. I left a career in advertising copywriting to design bags.

Did the fact that this category is powered by MOO impact your choices in design or execution
Yes. Coming from a background of advertising and graphic arts, I was influenced by Moo's creative stationery designs. I tried to instill interesting graphic elements in the design of this bag.

Do you have any words of advice to on-the-go professionals?
Keep it light. Keep it comfortable. Keep it fun.

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