Ellia Wang - ELLIA WANG

Finalist of the The EVINE Live Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design

United States

2015 Finalist Ellia Wang ELLIA WANG


What was your inspiration for this bag?
The Layer Clutch is from my Geometry Collection, which is inspired by paper sculpture and the interaction of light and form. The possibility of paper inspired me to create something different from the structure of bags; to create something that transcends the traditional handbag styles.

What are the retail price-points of your line?
The Layer Clutch is $578, my Geometry Collection is around $500 to $700

Do you change your silhouettes and materials every season?
No, but I do add more colors to this collection every season

What other handbag designers have inspired you?
Alexander Wang, 3.1 Phillip Lim

What makes your line innovative and worth of overall?
All my handbags are designed and handmade in Savannah, GA. I began by studying origami techniques, then design ideas, paper samples, revisions and finally leather samples. Each bag went though a revision process. I made at lease 3 different pattern sets and samples for each in order to tested out the best structure and ensure a look that is unique and functional.

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