Danielle Gumina - GRIP Handbags

Winner of the The Trina Turk Best Student Made Handbag

United States

2015 Finalist Danielle Gumina GRIP Handbags


School of Attendance
Media Production

What is your major?
The Red Carpet, The Golden Age of Hollywood, Music, Edgy and modern trends mixed with elegance (hybrid styles).

What inspires you?
I think I'd rather work for myself and remain independent. I love being in control of my destiny.

Would you rather work for a larger brand upon graduation or work for yourself and remain independent?
I do business with a freelance graphic designer and a manufacturing company based in NYC to create my bags. They help me with the technical duties when it comes to bringing my ideas to life. I personally tend to go old school with pencil and pen when I first create my designs, however, I do play around with Photoshop.

What kind of technology do you use to create your bag?

Bag Description

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