April Rose LaFave - Hebe Rose

Finalist of the The Stand Out & Look Great Work Bag by MOO

United States

2015 Finalist April Rose LaFave Hebe Rose


How do you believe this bag will help professionals stand out and look great?
The Avery Work bag for Moo simply has everything, from a pocket for your mouse to neoprene padding for your tablet or laptop. The convertibility is also great where you can hold it as a briefcase, throw it on your shoulder, strut a crossbody or even sport it as a backpack.

What is the inspiration behind the bag?
Honestly, many people have complained to me that they can not find a great work bag. Even for myself, my back is usually killing or the strap is not long enough to throw on my shoulder, so ALL OF YOU are the ones who inspired me. Its just a simple satchel but added all the bells and whistles to make your life better as you carry up to 10 lbs of business stuff with you each day.

How did you blend playfulness and functionality in the design?
I have added a lot of pockets, pocket for everything from your mouse to a fun accordion style pocket for your business cards. The bags are in nylon and webbing so we can color block the materials or just keep it simple. Sometimes sleek and clean is best, but for the fun inside of all of us, we can add fun prints to the nylon if you really want to play.

Is this bag different from what you usually create? How, or how not?
I have designed a few work bags before, but this time I really thought about everything that people carry with them back and forth to work or meetings, from the mouse pocket to the neoprene padding for the laptop.

What is your design background?
I have worked in the NY handbag industry for over ten years. For the past year, I have been a Freelance designer and plan to launch my own handbag collection, Hebe Rose.

Did the fact that this category is powered by MOO impact your choices in design or execution
Absolutely, because MOO is a print and design company and really innovative for making products for a business, really wanted to think about what a business person carry with them. So I added a lot of pockets but kept the design clean while using Nylon and webbing for the materials so it is lightweight, especially since you will be adding so much inside of the bag.

Do you have any words of advice to on-the-go professionals?
Please think about your body and the weight that you carry with you each day. After time, your back, shoulders, neck and arms will hurt. We now are in a new era where technology is very important for us to run our businesses. So with that in mind, please start to wear a backpack or a crossbody. Think Balance.

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