Alyssa Fisherden - ACF

Finalist of the The MARY KAY® Most Irresistible Makeup Bag

United States

2015 Finalist Alyssa Fisherden ACF


What is your inspiration for this bag?
I was inspired by wristlet wallets and wanted to create a stylish makeup bag that could give the illusion of one.

What is your design background?
I am finishing up my Bachelors in Fashion Design and have an Associates Degree in Art. I have always been interested in accessory design.

Why did you select the particular materials to work with?
I was thinking of a durable black vinyl exterior that could be wiped easily as well as protect the contents inside. The interior is comprised of polyester as it is affordable and easy for the makeup to move against.

Tell us why you think every woman will love your makeup bag design?
I think every woman will like this makeup bag design because it is clean and compact with multiple compartments, but also cool enough to be carried on its own.

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