Alicia Rojas Valdivia - Paykunapaq

Finalist of the Distinctly Denim by Guess Handbags


2015 Finalist Alicia Rojas Valdivia Paykunapaq

Alicia Rojas Valdivia FINALIST'S PROFILE

What is your inspiration for this sketch?
My main inspiration for this sketch is the Doheny-Satchel by Guess with the combination of the Peruvian culture and elements.

Why did you select the particular materials to work within your sketch?
Because I wanted to include certain Peruvian elements to the trends established by Guess.

What is your design background?
First of all, I looked at the summer 2015 Guess handbag collection and got interested in the Doheny-Satchel bags and then I realised and imagined that I could apply particular elements from my own inspiration (with Peruvian elements) to make an interest variation.

Do you currently design your own handbags collection? If so, would your GUESS? Design fit into your current line?
Yes, I currently design my own handbag collections. The Guess design would fit to the extent that it includes Peruvian elements, looms and fabric.

What materials do you normally work with?
Leather, Peruvian looms and fabrics, alpaca fur and also denim.

What can you offer to the GUESS? aesthetic?
This design is made for a feminine modern look while keeping it elegant. As for the new applications, the colourful elements aim to attract women's sight by becoming for them really interesting about the fact that the new Doheny-Satchel design is now including Peruvian fabrics. It is worth mentioning that Doheny-Satchel in denim blue with Peruvian fabric is perfect to use by day and night.

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