YI-HAN LU - Golden Cure

Finalist of the The Harrian Best Student Made Handbag


2019 Finalist YI-HAN LU Golden Cure


School of Attendance
London College of Fashion / college / 20 John Prince's St, Marylebone, London W1G 0BJ / this is a fashion school

What is your major?
MA Fashion Artefact

What inspires you? Are there Instagram accounts you follow for inspiration?
This bag is one of my bag collection inspired by the guerrilla architecture in Taiwan, which reveals its own historical evolution both in the architecture and social fields, and represents the local aesthetics. I intergraded aspects from fashion accessories and architecture and merged them into a single collection. The manufacturing process does not only include the leather crafts, but is also inspired by the construction of buildings, especially those with a concrete frame structure. Considering the scaled down size, manufacturing process and aesthetics, I have used alternative materials such as jesmonite and brass rods to replace the concrete and steel bars. The development of modern architecture cannot be ignored when tracing back the history of Guerrilla Architecture in Taiwan. The principles of Le Corbusier's ''Dom-ino House'' and ''The Five Points of a New Architecture'' had strong influences on my design thinking. Le Corbusier was a visionary that modified a timeless classic to a trend. On the other hand, contemporary architecture gave me an insight into the strong connection between architecture and society. Sheng-Yuan Huang, a Taiwanese architect who viewed architecture as an extension of daily life, corresponded the status of Taiwan's Guerrilla Architecture. I intend to raise a new perspective from an erratic and spontaneous order through a full retrospect of the development of Guerrilla Architecture in Taiwan

Are your bags already in production? Where are they manufactured and how many have you sold to date?
I haven't started it yet.

What kind of technology do you use to create your bag?
laser cutting / metalwork / casting / sewing machine

Bag Description
Golden Cure, "Songshan," bag/shelf, beige and dark brown cow leather, $2500

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