Sage Aubrey Loman - S A G E A U B R E Y

Finalist of the The Best Retail Handbag Presented by Macy's

United States

2019 Finalist Sage Aubrey Loman S A G E  A U B R E Y


How does your bag relate to the Macy's customer?
Sage Aubrey is a woman owned and operated company, I believe the values of the MACY'S customer will resonate with my brand. "These bag wont change the world, but the women who wear them are." -- SAGE AUBREY

What makes your bag stand out from other bags at Macy's?
The structure and shape of my bag are very significant, I believe it would add a modern interest to the MACY'S customer!

What brands do you identify with at Macy's? Do you see your bags retailing side-by-side with them?
I think we would be a great alternative for the Coach customer!

How could you benefit from Macy's Workshop?
The more knowledge I can learn about this industry and large retail partnerships, the better a business owner and designer I can be!

Bag description
SAGE AUBREY, MINI LUNA, Calf Leather, $495

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