Mayra Martinez Spencer - Mayra Martinez Spencer

Winner of the The Aimee Kestenberg "Self-Love" Inspired Handbag


2019 Finalist Mayra Martinez Spencer Mayra Martinez Spencer

Mayra Martinez Spencer FINALIST'S PROFILE

Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
I am currently building my brand. I am an accessory designer student at Miami International University of Arts and Design. Accessories are one of my greatest passion. Also, I have a fascination with crystals and minerals and their beauty which I love to incorporate in my designs.

What is your personal aesthetic and does it influence your design?
Modern, elegant but fun.

Why did you decide on this design? How does it fit into the theme of self love? What does that mean to you?
I believe self-love is a practice many people overlook. We all have done it one point in our life where we neglect, or we are too hard on ourselves. I think it is essential always to self-care and incorporate a positive and caring practice in our daily life. There are many ways to do it, and we need to be reminded of Self-love practices; that if we are consistent with those positive practices, it will no longer become a practice but a primary function as natural as breathing. Therefore, self-love is to be mindful, take care of your body and spirit in harmony, to feel peace, love, and joy within yourself — a dynamic journey of connection, self-discovery to reach our fullest potential within. So, I wanted to create a design that would inspire and remind women of the power of self-love, the Power of Love.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I am a crystal collector. I work with vibrational energy, and I like to incorporate crystal properties into my designs. As soon as I think of self-love, I think of rose quartz. It's a crystal with amazing high vibrational energy; it's gentle yet powerful. The rose quartz has formations with prismatic effects inside it, such as rainbows. I wanted to create a handbag design with the iridescent, rainbow effect inside rose quartz as radiant and powerful as we should feel about ourselves. Therefore, I chose to use a metallic iridescent leather with stitched, quilted heart design and a golden chain strap for an elegant and upscale design.

What can you contribute to the Aimee Kestenberg brand? Do you follow AK on Instagram?
Yes, I follow AK on Instagram. I love the modern and fun designs. As a creative person with years of experience and business background, I know I can contribute to Aimee Kesternberg brand DNA as a business-savvy and artistic member of the AK team. I love to be part of a team, collectively to be part of the creative process and to feel the great satisfaction of the end product. I know I can contribute with my greatest strengths something beautiful, marketable and profitable.

Bag description
Power of Self-Love crossbody. Metallic silver, iridescent, leather with stitched quilted heart design and golden chain strap. $325

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