Mariella Livia Schmid - Tdc by Mariella Livia Schmid

Finalist of the The Pinatex Best Green Handbag


2019 Finalist Mariella Livia Schmid Tdc by Mariella Livia Schmid

Mariella Livia Schmid FINALIST'S PROFILE

What is your bag made out of?
wicker and recycled Leather

From where do you source your materials?
Art supply, recycled pieces, flea markets and a local hardware store (they produce belts and repair bags, but also sell small leftover pieces)

What is your design inspiration & why is working with green/eco friendly products important to you? Are there Instagram accounts you find inspiring?
My design inspiration was to create a not only eco friendly - but also classic, elegant and timeless everyday crossbody - wicker bag. I love wicker, because it´s such a beautiful and natural,strong material and the recycled leather gives it a timeless and classy finish. I would love to see that everyone cares about our planet, and specially brands have a bigger audience to communicate that, that only if we produce in a sustainable, eco-friendly and fair way we have a better future. I love to create, and grow my own business but i also want to it in a good way. I follow `the basket room`par example - i appreciate there concept and work.

Bag Description
tdc by Mariella Livia Schmid , `Resort` , Crossbody, wicker and recycled cowskin, $250

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