Leyla Yucel - L. YUCEL

Finalist of the The Best Retail Handbag Presented by Macy's

United States

2019 Finalist Leyla Yucel L. YUCEL


How does your bag relate to the Macy's customer?
Macy's caters to millions of Americans, many of whom adore cats! These customers may squeal with delight upon seeing their beloved furry friend featured chicly in the form of a cute little purse that can carry all their essentials. Perfect for a night out, but casual enough to pair with any outfit - she can use this to carry her essentials when she just doesn't want to lug around a huge bag..

What makes your bag stand out from other bags at Macy's?
This bag will stand out with it's bold yet minimal geometic shape and eye-catching shiny gold hardware cat ears frame. Upon looking inside, she will find it lined in plush red vegan suede, which gives it extra tactile allure. And after reading our hangtag, she will be happy to learn that no creatures were harmed in the making of our sustainable, cruelty-free handbags!

What brands do you identify with at Macy's? Do you see your bags retailing side-by-side with them?
Kate Spade and Betsey Johnson for their quirky, unapologetically girly style. I totally see my bags retailing side-by-side with them.

How could you benefit from Macy's Workshop?
I believe as an experienced designer with 10 years working in the NYC fashion industry for brands such an Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade, I have a very solid design foundation from which I've created my business. However, I have a lot to learn regarding the business side of fashion as it is not something I've really been involved with (aside from learning from my own mistakes as i've pursued making my own line). I would like to gain a better understanding of markets, how to pitch my line to potential buyers, and generally, I would like to have a better idea of how a retailer thinks, so I can position my business accordingly.

Bag description
Brand Name: L. YUCEL Style Name: Kiki Purse Silhouette: Convertible Crossbody / Clutch Material: Ultrafabric® vegan leather, vegan suede lining, custom-made hardware frame Retail Price: $135

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