Elena Bourbour Ajdari - Neleni

Finalist of the The Best Retail Handbag Presented by Macy's


2019 Finalist Elena Bourbour Ajdari Neleni

Elena Bourbour Ajdari FINALIST'S PROFILE

How does your bag relate to the Macy's customer?
I believe my bag fits the Macy's customer as Macy's is the national store that focuses on smart and broad customers who appreciate smart successful brands that offer quality, value, and a sense of trend that is not fast fashion. My bag design is a multi-function tote and cross-body that is well-made and has many functional details for organizing the stuff inside the bag. The mix of textures will translate to a consumer who wants to invest in a bag that suits many day, afternoon, and night experiences. My 2 in 1 bag offers the customer many options from work to soccer mom to travel and more.

What makes your bag stand out from other bags at Macy's?
I feel my interpretation of translucency, an element of clear, along with applying texture and interior organizational details along with inside cross -body which is modern and can be translate from morning to night, offers something fresh.

What brands do you identify with at Macy's? Do you see your bags retailing side-by-side with them?
I love that Macy's showcases and presents strong presentations with their vendors: Michael Kors, Kate Spade, Donna Karan, Coach, Patrica Nash, etc. They give the customer so many choices from the brands they carry. I see my brand sitting beside these brands and yet my brand identity offers a more unexpected mix and my 2 in 1 bag well gives the customer so many options and a smart investment.

How could you benefit from Macy's Workshop?
Macy's workshop is definitely a great opportunity for me to know the Macy's customers better and implement their taste in to my designs. Sales strategies, customers' behaviors, and timing are all key features that should be known to be successful in this market.

Bag description
Neleni Handbags, Hamoon, 2 in 1 Tote and cross-body, leather, $295

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