Eda Aguilar - Eda Lourdes

Finalist of the The Aimee Kestenberg "Self-Love" Inspired Handbag

Puerto Rico

2019 Finalist Eda Aguilar Eda Lourdes


Do you currently have your own brand or collection?
I went from Finance Woman to Fashion Gal and launched an accessories collection (gloves, hats, sash, necklaces, capes etc.) in NYC in 2014. The pieces were sold in NYC and San Juan. After that I moved from NYC to Paris to start a family and learned everything I could about digital marketing, commercial sales, pr & communications working by several designers in Paris (Miriam Budet, Lemloren, APPARIS) and the fashion house of IRO. Also did several digital projects (webs, logos, social media) for clients. In 2018 had my second son and I am now ready to use all of my creativity and experiences to launch what I always wanted to do a handbag. As you all know it is a steep hill to climb in a mountain filled with talented designers. I followed IHDA for several years and feel this can help any designer stand out to keep climbing the mountain.

What is your personal aesthetic and does it influence your design?
Pink! Black! Romantic & Funky all together! Lanvin meets Sonia Rykiel...

Why did you decide on this design? How does it fit into the theme of self love? What does that mean to you?
These days I am all about self love ME, MYSELF & I ....after all the hurdles a woman goes thru to fill all the hats and responsibilities in our daily lives. Feeling free and light! I chose the micro cross bag to be out and about with ME, MYSELF, I & my essentials to meet friends, see a show, go dancing or just get lost on the streets of Paris! It means everything to me to feel loved, but loved by me. Why \Coucou"? \""Coucou\"" is hello or yoo hoo in french... Yoo hoo to self love! """

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
Pink & Black! Easy for many outfits and the rose gold just gives it a chic touch! The chain, zippers and the heart locket are part of the Aimee Kestenberg look that gives it a nice modern touch..even a little rockin edge! I love the colors and textured leather (marble, tie dye, metallic) used by Aimee in her brand and this would be nice additions to the Coucou Cross Micro Bag.

What can you contribute to the Aimee Kestenberg brand? Do you follow AK on Instagram?
Lots of love, a straightforward no non-sense attitude and lots of women empowerment! A creative vision of today's luxury goods transformed to affordable goods for all women. Love playing with shapes and colors. I am a nazi project manager (banking days linger effect!) I follow AK and Aimee on Instagram... love that she is out there using her efforts to bring self love & empowerment to all women. I want to do the same... I do with my friends but would love to help women break with the patterns of abuse and self pity.

Bag description
Eda Lourdes, Coucou Micro Cross Bag style, black leather, rose gold hardware, $125 dollars.

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