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Finalist of the The Cult Belt Bag Inspired by Nine West

United States

2019 Finalist Brandon  Blackwood Brandon  Blackwood

Brandon Blackwood FINALIST'S PROFILE

What does the Nine West brand mean to you and the inspiration for this sketch?
The Nine West brand to me, means sleek/sophisticated design. Nine west is the perfect mixture of traditional silhouettes with a hint of modernity/trends. My inspiration was simply making the term "waist bag" literal. Its a miniature bag with belt loops sewn to the back of it. Allowing for uses to wear this mini bag around their waist or convert it into a standard crossbody or handheld bag. The best of both worlds! A bag for any occasion and definitely a stand out in any customers wardrobe. A piece that will be used several different ways.

Why did you select these particular materials to work for your sketch?
I usually like to sketch out all ages on standard paper and pencil first. Something about it is so much more satisfying than doing it on a computer.

What is your design background? Do you currently design your own handbags collection? Does this silhouette fit into your collection? Why or why not?
I've owned and operated a handbag line (Brandon Blackwood New York) for 4 years and have loved every step of his journey. This silhouette fits my collection as I tend to stick to stronger "standout" shapes. I love the play of hardware-as-design, and love versatility in all of my work.

How can this belt bag go from day to night? Please explain.
This isn't a standard waist bag in any sense. It is far from the classic shape of a waist bag and in turn, becomes its own original piece. It can be worn day to night because of its versatility. it looks like a chic top handle bag one would normally wear out - just on the waist-. You can easily run around town during the day with this piece on your waist then take the belt loop off and wear it as a cute mini bag during the night. A light blouse, jeans or dressier pants pair with it as a belt bag will elevate any look and if you want to belt it with a dress, that would work just as well. You can also take the belt attachment off and carry it as a top handle if is matches nighttime outfit more.

What can you offer to the Nine West aesthetic? Do you follow Nine West on Instagram?
Yes I follow Nine West on instagram and believe can offer a more contemporary flair to its already stellar line-up. Bringing a bit more of a youthful metropolitan approach for sure.

Bag Description
Kuei Mini Waist Bag, Waist Bag / Tophandle / Crossbody, Grain Leather / Silver hardware throughout, Retail $65

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