Tika Kuchukhidze - TIKA

Winner of the Distinctly Denim by Guess Handbags


2014 Finalist Tika Kuchukhidze TIKA


What is your inspiration for this sketch?
Guess 2014SS collection, especially styles in denim, like Ring Bag. Also, Batik dyeing technique.

Why did you select the particular materials to work within your sketch?
GUESS has specified that the bag had to be made of denim, and, in fact, I was excited to experiment with the idea of soft fabric for a handbag since most of my bags are made from leather. That is when I thought of Batik technique, which I've included in the design.

What is your design background?
I have been designing bags for almost 10 years, but very small collections for a limited circle of fans. I dream of making bags for living.

Do you currently design your own handbags collection? If so, would your GUESS? Design fit into your current line?
I had created several designs before I came up with the last option presented here. So, definitely, will make this collection of Denim bags.

What materials do you normally work with?
Mostly leather, but also any kind of material, which inspires me.

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