MJ Trevens - MJ Trevens

Finalist of the The Timberland Best Green Handbag

United States

2013 Finalist MJ Trevens MJ Trevens


What is your bag made out of?
Organically raised and organically tanned bison leather, lined with organically tanned goat suede.

Where do you source your materials?
Global Leather, NYC

Where are bags sold?
In progress, mjtrevens.com

What is your design inspiration?
Inspiration for this piece included the film The Great Train Robbery and various imagery of western landscapes of North America. The organic bison leather boasts a rich color through it's vegetable tanning process and holds a stunning texture which only improves with age and usage. The time and care put into the tanning of the hide also makes the piece inherently more durable than modern tannin-dyed leather handbags. In combination with a buttery vegetable tanned suede lining and solid Nylon threading, the piece becomes strong, reliable and consistent.

Why would you want to collaborate with Timberland?
Timberland has a credible reputation for designing with the product lifecycle and carbon footprint in mind. During my studies at Parsons as a Sustainable Design major, I explored the concept of carbon footprints in depth with a focus to apply it to textiles. Timberland was one of the top brands I researched as a successful company who realistically incorporated this design philosophy. In a world growing full of fast fashion, it's inspirational to see a company that employs a more thorough design process with durability in mind. Collaborating with Timberland would be a wonderful opportunity to design more lifestyle products that celebrate the beauty of the textiles and ethic of construction.

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