Jess Rizzuti - Jess Rizzuti New York

Finalist of the The Timberland Best Green Handbag

United States

2013 Finalist Jess Rizzuti Jess Rizzuti New York


What is your bag made out of?
The body of the bag is wood cork with a heat transferred and embossed gold square print. The trim is gold linen and the lining is a cotton batik print.

Where do you source your materials?
All of these materials were sourced in New York.

Where are bags sold?
You can find Jess Rizzuti at Pamela Gonzales in Soho and online at LionesqueStyle.com and Vogue Vert to name a few.

What is your design inspiration?
This "Sophie" bag was inspired by the stylish yet conscious customer who believes luxury represents quality, detail, craftsmanship, and integrity.

Why would you want to collaborate with Timberland?
To collaborate with a company of that caliber and scale would provide me with a tremendous opportunity to get my name out there. I would be honored to work with a Timberland, who I admire so much for their commitment to doing the right thing in regards to their business practices, their community, and the environment.

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