Emmanuel Katsaros - EMMANUEL KATSAROS

Finalist of the The Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design


2013 Finalist Emmanuel Katsaros EMMANUEL KATSAROS

Emmanuel Katsaros FINALIST'S PROFILE

What was your inspiration for this bag?
Every lady that does her make up in the public transport or at work needs the PiCi bag. It has a secret compartment under the first flap for a tablet. The main compartment has zip up pockets and comfortable cosmetic space. The bag also feature a pocket on the bag with an extractable mirror ... so no more horrible broken dirty compact's mirrors in a bag please!!!

What are the retail price-points of your line?
Smaller leather goods start at about 300 euros, and we go up into the 3500 for the Large PiCi for example.

Do you change your silhouettes and materials every season?
I like to think that my silhouettes and materials are evolving every season not changing.

What other handbag designers have inspired you?
Not many, I get inspirations from many things, but never from other designers - is useless... Please do not get me wrong as there is a lot of designers I like , but I'm just not able to design that way so I never see other designers as a form of inspiration...so I keep my product as close as possible to my values and heritage.

Have you ever presented your line to Bloomingdales before? If so, what was the result?
No, never.

What makes your line innovative and worth of overall?
I'm presenting you a product that is traditionally foreword... I use old craftsmanship techniques that just a handful of brands still do. I present you a bag that its a modern classic, and it will be still a good shape in 20 years. It can be used as a shoulder bag hand bag or clutch... it really a beautiful beautiful beautiful handbag.

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