Minna Parikka - Minna Parikka

Finalist of the The Foot Petals Sam Edelman Best Shoe Category


2009 Finalist Minna Parikka Minna Parikka


What is your design philosophy?
Combining her love of purity and the surreal, Minna creates designs that pay tribute to the footwear of eras past. Her stylistically innovative and playfully seductive tassels, bows, hearts and straps enhance the strong aesthetic embodied by her work, adding to its allure. Minna has spent the past 13 years of her young life honing her craft, studying footwear design in the UK and traveling the world in search of inspiration for her creations. And itâ??Ã?ôs paid off. Since launching the Minna Parikka brand in 2006, her shoes are now being sold in ten countries. Minna Parikkaâ??Ã?ôs shoes are distinctly feminine yet celebrate the diversity of the women she designs for.

What makes your shoes unique?
Minna Parikka shoes combine visual strength with emotion. My shoes combine fetish shoe silhouettes from the 30â??Ã?ôs with the innocence of the 50â??Ã?ôs and the innovation of todayâ??Ã?ôs fashion. I balance between girlish, feminine and even masculine forms and detailing creating unique yet wearable designs. In my design process I follow my feelings and show the variety of my true nature.

Do you change your styles and materials every season?
Minna Parikka shoes are designed to last time. They are not attached to seasonal fashion or passing trends. The collection consists of new styles and materials as well as Minna Parikka classics.

What is your price-point range?
retail price 230-460euros

Which stores currently stock your shoes?
Minna Parikka Boutique, Helsinki, Finland

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