Michele Gresh - Modern Unity

Finalist of the Best Use of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS

United States

2009 Finalist Michele Gresh Modern Unity


What is your design background?
I have a B.S. in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University, and have many years of design experience.

Have you worked with CRYSTALLIZEDâ??Ã?¢ - Swarovski Elements before?
I never have worked with Swarovski Elements before, but hopefully I will get the chance in the future!

Would this bag fit in with your current collection and why?
There are similarities and differences. Our color palette is bright for Spring, like the colors of a peacock, and we use leather for our bags. This design is quite a bit ornate than our line (My business partner and I). I could see it as a special edition design.

What are the price-points of your current line?
$120- $465

What is your design philosophy?
I believe handbags should be beautiful and functional. I feel as though this design is both beautiful and functional. I could see a use for this bag for special occasions.

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